Can you throw any light on this?



By Steven Roberts

When my wife and I came to Cyprus on holiday twice a year we often used to drive along the north coast. We noticed a multi coloured camper van that appeared to have been abandoned just outside Esentepe village. Each time we came her it seemed that the paint job had faded a bit, another window had been lost to the elements, and more rust had appeared.

For a year we have lived her permanently, and we drive past this vehicle every week. We’ve often wondered what the background to this camper van is?vwcamper-3

  • How long has it been there?
  • Does anyone know who it belongs to?
  • Why is it still there?

I expect some probably consider it an eyesore, or a heap of rubbish, but over the years we’ve come to see it as a local landmark, something that is always present, yet changing over time.  We’d be sorry to see it go, yet how long can it last?

Since we’ve been here we’ve asked several people about the van, but we’ve not met anyone who knows its history.

Can you throw any light on this? If so please send in a comment and we can share it with all our readers.