November 26, 2022

By Trevor Hughes……

MOT Tests

The price for taking your vehicle through its three yearly MOT is now 152.50 TL.

Tiga Motors

Tony, who is one of the company’s owners, was telling me the other tiga-tradingday that due to Brexit and the fall in the £ against the yen, has meant a significant devaluation in the trading value. The “knock on effect” is that profit margins are extremely tight. Although the huge drop in margins, he is still managing to keep up his exacting standards, which his company have set for many years.

If you are considering changing your vehicle or buying for the first time, now could be the time for change!!! To visit their website please click here

Bayram Holidays

Bayram holidays for this month is 15th of November.

This holiday means Banks and Government/Local offices will be cltrnc-flagosed for the day.

This is quite an emotional Bayram for some, as this was when The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was established on 15 November 1983. Sadly, as an independent state it was and still is only recognised by Turkey.  A new constitution was drafted and adopted two years later, in 1985.

Medical Insurance

We all know that you need to pay for any medical requirement here. As yet the TRNC Government only offer a reduced service for non-citizens. We are all getting older and the need for medical attention grows by the day and if you do not have adequate insurance cover you may find that you are in some difficulty.

Chris Elliott of arranged a meeting with the Department of Tourism and representatives from several leading expat NGO organisations with the aim being to make suggestions on how we can all work together on improving this wonderful coumgo-meeting-at-the-otem-center-13-06-16-imagentry

The main topic was the health provision for expats living here. You may recall some time ago; discussion took place regarding the “white card” provision for permanent residency and we published an article on cyprusscene click here.  The major requirement was the individual applying for this status had to have adequate annual health cover in place, thus excluding some people in arranging this facility by way of age and/or previous medical history.

It was agreed at the meeting that a committee be formed by the NGO’s to lobby the Health Ministry so that health provision could be resurrected and make forward progress.

3 thoughts on “North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for November 2016

  1. I’m having some work carried out on my swimming pool.
    The cost is reasonable but the contractor wants 50% deposit – is this standard.

    1. Hi Rob.

      Some folk here may have paid a deposit for work before its started and if you are going to pay a deposit then make sure the company has a good track record and they can put you in contact with customers who have also had wok done by them.

  2. We had ours done by Cyprus Pools associated company near Pia Bella. We didn’t pay a penny until the work was completed.

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