December 10, 2023

Message from Gloria Tattersall…….
St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia……..

The Olive Grove at The Hermitage, Kyrenia looks as though the crop this year is going to be far improved on last year following the ‘Olive Grove and Tree Management’ which has taken place this year.

In October we are anticipating a fun day or two picking the Olives and we need as many bodies as possible to enable this happen.

The Hermitage oive picking 1

We will also need sustenance for the workers. To this end I am asking can/will you, your family members and friends who are prepared to come and help pick olives? It is a fun but hard working day.

We aim to provide the ‘pickers’ with a lunch and refreshments throughout the day and are therefore asking you please will/can you contribute to these goodies.

You will need a Joyful heart, a couple of buckets and steps.

Please contact me, Gloria Tattersall on 0533 843 5549 or by email click here to confirm your help in any way you can. I will confirm the actual days nearer the time.

The Hermitage oive picking 2

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