December 8, 2022

By Kim Betts……..
Kyrenia Pet Travel…….

Earlier this year KAR Pet Travel were asked to help relocate Frances and Tony’s dog – Mrs Mehmet (also known as Missy). They had found her near a restaurant in the Bogaz area. Because they were returning to the UK before Mrs Mehmet had completed her UK preparations they put her into boarding until she would be ready for travelling. However they missed her so much that they travelled often to the TRNC to visit her.

Finally the day arrived when Mrs Mehmet was ready to go to the UK. She arrived safely and on time. Frances and Tony were delighted to have her back with them and sent us this update:

Missie is doing so well, she goes everywhere with me and is so well behaved, everyone she meets falls in love with her and I keep getting asked if she is a pedigree!! 

She is not sure about our wet and very windy weather we are having here at the moment, but she wears her little coat gladly.

She has truly changed my life.”

Mrs Mehmet 1

Well obviously Tony decided to do some research into Mrs Mehmet’s ancestors and family tree. This is another recent update from Frances;

“We hope you are both well. Missie is loving her life here with us and is still giving us endless pleasure she is the most perfect dog (even when she rolls in fox pooh!) I’m attaching some pics of Missie on our narrow boat showing how she loves a good brushing and then a sleep after! Everyone we meet loves her and asks what breed she is, we Mrs Mehmet 3always say we’re not sure but we call her a turkadoodle,! And they laugh.

Anyway, as a surprise Tony sent away for a DNA test and her results arrived three weeks later, I’ve attached the certificate for you both to see. It made us laugh as I’m sure you will too.”

We explained to Frances that we actually call them Cypradoodles but whatever they are Mrs. Mehmet now knows her ancestors.

It is very likely that many of the dogs here will be related to her at some point way back. So all of your Cypradoodles can now rest assured that they are not just Heinz varieties, mutts or whatever else they may be called – they are from the finest mix of breed lines.

No doubt they are ALL loved as much as Mrs. Mehmet clearly is.

Mrs Mehmet 2


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