The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Second Bavarian Oktoberfest

in Northern Cyprus a big Success

By Ralph Kratzer

Oktoberfest-logoThe association The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR), which now has members from 26 different nations, had celebrated its first authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest in Northern Cyprus last year. Because it then was a well accepted and successful event, it was clear to the members of the Board that this event should be an integral part of the year´s planning (to remember the first beer fest and get some background information about the original event in Munich – click here!).

So, again a lot of time and effort was invested to organize an even better TFR-Oktoberfest this year.

The treasurer of the club, Horst Gutowski, and the events manager “Brad” Bradley, as well as a handful of volunteers made it possible that more than 140 participants of the party found an authentic beer tent ambiance for a boozy evening in the lovingly decorated garden of the Acmenya restaurant in Alsancak.

P1030548Soon after the first guests had arrived the original Munich Hofbräuhaus beer flowed in amounts out of the tap.

The meal offered could not have been more faithful to the original food at the Bavarian beer fest. There, the most consumed delicacy is half a chicken from the grill with a fresh pretzel. Thus, it was also for the Oktoberfest in Northern Cyprus. A variation of salads as a side dish was again prepared this year by the Food Lodge Bakery in Catalköy.

P1030599The attempt to organize a musician from Bavaria for the evening unfortunately failed because the one booked decided, at short notice, for health reasons not to embark on the long journey to North Cyprus. But the alternative in form of a DJ turned out to be the better solution in the end, because this one offered later in the evening – after he had started with original Oktoberfest music – a great blend of pop, oldies and dance music, so that the dance floor was soon crowded with guests in a lively mood.

In between “Brad” Bradley entertained people with funny parlour games, such as “who canP1030579 hold a full 1-litre stein longest with the outstretched arm?” or “who can hammer a nail into a wooden block with the fewest strokes?” For the ladies, he was ready with a quiz question: “how many litres of beer had been drunk at this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich?” The answers ranged from a few hundred liters (good joke!) up to hundreds of millions. Tatiana, a young party guest from Kazakhstan was ready with the right answer: 7,5 million litres!

Again it was well after midnight when the last guests left the witty festival and found their way home, tired but happy and certainly with the ulterior motive of coming again next year…

P.S. As guest of honour the TFR welcomed this year the German Ambassador in Cyprus, H.E. Mr. Nikolai von Schoepff, accompanied by his lovely wife, who came privately and, as a born Bavarian, clearly enjoyed the evening as all other guests.

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