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TRNC News Today 8th October 2015

Çolak: “We could be the bridge between United Cyprus and international organizations”

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak stated that if the negotiations on the island are successful, the Turkish Cypriots can play a bridging role in the relations to be established between United Cyprus and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).

Assessing her contacts held within the framework of the opening meeting of the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in New York, Minister Çolak stated “We have held at least as many contacts as in previous years. We carried out successful diplomatic meetings”.

Emine Colak

During her time in New York, Minister Çolak came together with Ministers and officials from various countries and organizations and stated that the international community’s perspective of the Turkish Cypriots is related to their stance at the negotiation table.

Minister Çolak expressed that foreign officials are responding more positively to the meeting requests of President Akıncı due to the changing climate and increased pace at the negotiations.

(Kıbrıs newspaper)

Final declaration of constitutional rights workshop announced

Solidarity Platform of Turkish Cypriots Living Abroad announced the final declaration of the Constitutional Rights Workshop conducted in Lefkoşa yesterday. In the declaration, legal regulations for the TRNC citizens living abroad such as right to elect and be elected were asked. The Platform held a press conference in Lefkoşa Merit Hotel yesterday morning at 10.30.

ATCATurkey Co-president of the Platform Nesim Tüzmen, UK Co-president Leyla Kemal and Australia Co-president Nevin Hüseyin, as well as Platform Secretary General Ertuğrul Mehmet and the Council President of the UK-Turkish Cultural Associations Çetin Ramadan and Turkish Cypriot Cultural Association President Ahmet Zeki Buluç participated in the meeting.

Turkey Co-President of the Platform Nesim Tüzmen read the final declaration. Tüzmen said that some amendments should be made on the Election and Referendum Law in order to enable the Turkish Cypriot citizens living abroad to use their right to elect and be elected.

Indicating that in case of a possible referendum, constitutional rights should be provided to the citizens living abroad, Tüzmen said that they requested voting opportunities to be provided for the people living abroad.

Delegation from Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry held contacts in London

A delegation from Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry held contacts in London.Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry

According to the statement of Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, President Ali Çıralı and his accompanying delegation held contacts in which they discussed the issues of registration of hellim in the European Union, industry sector in the solution process and the economy.

The delegation met with the TRNC London representative Oya Tuncalı, Turkish Republic Consul General to London Emirhan Yorulmazlar, the President of Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry Emma Edhem and the ‘Embargoed’ group. The delegation of Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry together with the ‘Embargoed’ group held a round-table meeting regarding the registration of hellim as a protected designation of origin. They also exchanged views about the stage reached and what should be done on the issue.  As well as the authorities of the Embargoed group, businessmen living in the UK also showed great interest in the meeting.

General Election in Turkey

The voting process of Turkey’s 26th General Election, which will be organized to take place on 1st November, will begin in the TRNC and in some European countries tomorrow.

General election in Turkey

Electors from Germany, in which most Turkish citizens live, as well as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Switzerland and Northern Cyprus can vote from tomorrow until October 25.

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