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We are concerned, Mr President!

Intro by Ralph Kratzer

Akinci and Anastasiades new image

TRNC president Akinci and RoC president Anastasiades

Since the election of Mustafa Akinci as President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the subsequent resumption of the so called Cyprus talks regarding a possible reunion of the island, separated since 1974, no day goes by where we do not read about how fast and successful the discussions go.

For some, the negotiations with the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) go ahead a little too fast! Even the newly-appointed Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa, Derya Kanbay, warned some days ago: “In case of hurry, some things may fail to be noticed” and “Hopefully, we will not be disappointed later”.

Ever since issues such as title deeds, EU membership of Northern Cyprus and a subsequent adoption of the EURO currency have been on the negotiating table the expatriate community in the TRNC is concerned about what consequences that could have for all of them.

BRS Chairman David Brown, Deputy Chairman Stephen Day, and their Government Liaison team under Mike Maternaghan have now sent a letter to President Akinci, with the request to give answers on some important outstanding issues and the convening of an urgent meeting.

Courtesy of the BRS Chairman you can read this letter by clicking here and feel free to post a comment at the end of this article or by sending an email to

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  1. “while there is an appetite for peace in both communities, public skepticism regarding the potential success of the ongoing negotiations in reaching a lasting agreement, continues to grow. Polls indicate overwhelmingly low public expectations that a settlement will be reached, as well as distrust on both sides that, if a settlement were to be reached, the other side would have any serious intention of honouring it. A solution therefore needs more than a comprehensive plan. It needs strong and determined leadership that will make the public case for a united Cyprus with all the benefits this brings.”

  2. everyone that has links to Cyprus,be citizens,expats,should be concerned as the unification,a peace agreement would be the end of only capital divided left in the world……1000s of Cypriots that had been isolated in the north from the rest of the world,having their FREEDOM back………Cypriots being indipendant from third party countries……..any unselfish people would be in support of this.

  3. Why don’t people mind there own business and let Turkish Cypriots lead our own lives the way we want to.
    look what has happened to many country’s with the euro it ruins them and the latest Greece.
    People fought two world war died for what they believed in freedom.
    Now bureaucrats are doing it all again but legally.