Vox Pop on BRT Television 11/08/2015 – Near East University presents “Matilda”

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Near East University presents



By Engin Dervişağa…….

As part of our change over to our new summer schedule and by great demand, we are repeating the NEU Matilda interview on our Vox Pop programme. In this show we are showing a visit we made to the Near East University in Lefkosa to meet the student and teachers of the English language department who are presenting aNear East University present Matilda image play called “Matilda”.

The play is based upon the children’s novel Matilda by British author Roald Dahl which was published in 1988. It has been adapted into an audio reading by Joely Richardson, a film in 1996, a two-part adaptation for BBC Radio 4 (later re-broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra) In 2010 it was adapted into a musical.

The story is about a sweet bright little girl named Matilda. But she is different from the rest of her family. Matilda is sent off to a school headed by a cruel principal who hates children called Agatha Trunchbull. However, Matilda is lucky in a way because she has a warm hearted teacher called Ms Honey who recognises her skills.

Near East University English Language Department present : Matilda

Character Artist Character Artist
Matilda Ilknur Kokulu Ms. Honey İzel Ayral
Mrs. Wormwood: Tuğşen Özgünler Lavender İzel Ayral
Mr. Wormwood Hasan Ozanalp Bruce Hasan Ozanalp
Michael Meliz Kutluhan Cooky Tuğşen Özgunler
Trunchbull Tuğşen Özgünler Scene 1 Trunchbull

Meliz Kutluhan  Scene 2

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