The Foreign Residents in the TRNC are sailing into the Sunset

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

TFR are sailing into the Sunset

By Ralph Kratzer

TFR-LogoStandard programme for the association The Foreign Residents in the TRNC, briefly called TFR, is the organizing of communal events with its members from 25 different countries of origin.

Besides the popular casual weekly get-togethers are short trips to interesting destinations in our, either permanent or temporary, adopted homeland of Northern Cyprus.

After a trip to the Karpaz Peninsula, which was made a few weeks ago, last Sunday a boat trip into the sunset along the northern coast was on the programme.

P1030455On the evening, more than 40 members of the club gathered in the beautiful old harbour of Girne / Kyrenia to get on board of one of the plentiful excursion boats a while before the planned cast off time. In this case, the vessel was a traditional Turkish coast sailboat, which are called Gulet” over here meaning “schooner”. With its 3 decks and a considerable length ours was one of the larger examples of this boat type. Of course, on the modern variants of these wooden boats the sails are no longer set, but a diesel engine takes over the task of locomotion.

Just in time at 7pm the boat left and took a course to the west into the sunset.

P1030463For me it is again and again amazing how different the view of the Northern Cypriot landscape is, if you look at it from the sea. Despite the numerous new buildings that emerged in recent years in Girne and surroundings, the beauty of the coast and the near Besparmak or Kyrenia Mountains is still worth seeing.

The guys from The Scratch Band ensured good entertainment on board with their mix of modern and classic songs, many of them from the good old Rock´n Roll time.

P1030465The weather conditions were good and clear that day so we could look at a breathtaking sunset over the sea. Then the skipper headed eastwards again and after we had anchored in a quiet bay in Girne, it was time for the long-awaited dinner. Seafaring makes one hungry, even if you don´t do anything but laying on deck and chatting…

After strengthening themselves, lively conversations were held among the members of the TFR and some even could not hold back from swing dancing.

When the boat then docked again in the old port of Girne late at night, all passengers were happy about this successful event, which had been organized by the events manager of the club, „Brad“ Bradley. Our hearty thanks to him!

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