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TRNC News Today 10th July 2015

Leaders met again

President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot Leader Nicos Anastasiades are meeting again today.

Leaders met again 10th July

It was stated that the meeting which planned yesterday was cancelled with mutual agreement and instead European Union working groups met at a joint meeting. According to the statement of Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu; three of four meetings planned between the negotiators have been held consecutively this week.

CTP-BG decides to lead coalition works with the UBP party

The CTP party convened their party assembly meeting and agreed to go forward on coalition works with the UBP party.  Mehmet Ali Talat 4Speaking to the press after the 2-hour meeting, party leader Mehmet Ali Talat made an announcement to the press. Talat said they would be conducting their coalition works with the UBP party as of today and foresaw the distribution of the ministries as 5 to 5. Responding to one question, Talat said there were important issues for the CTP-BG which they would be discussing with the UBP party. Asked to comment on privatization, Talat said there was not a separate section on their agenda for privatization.


Eide: “Referendum is possible before May 2016”

UNSG’s Special Adviser to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide said that there is a possibility of referendum before May 2016. Espen Barth EideWithin the framework of his visit and contacts, Eide, who was speaking at an event in the Centre of Visual Arts & Research (CVAR) in the old town of Nicosia answered the questions of attendees. Eide also said that the negotiating process is unbelievably going on well.

Referring to his optimism he said he feels that every day differences are reduced. According to Eide, it is the first time that there are three ingredients in the Cyprus talks, genuine trust, genuine will and leadership. The two sides, he noted, have changed their attitude from defending their positions to an attitude of solving problems together.

Akıncı receives Reinermann

President Mustafa Akıncı received Dirk Reinermann, head of the Europe and Central Asia office at the World Bank.

President Akinci meets Dirk Reinermann

Undersecretary of TRNC Foreign Affairs Ministry was also present at the meeting. Only pictures were taken but no statement was made to the press.

Greek Cypriots: “Accepting rotating Presidency is out of question”

Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis stated that there are major disagreements concerning the chapter Andreas Mavroyannisof ‘Administration’ with the Turkish Cypriot side and said “Accepting rotating Presidency is out of question.”

Greek Cypriot daily Alithia noted that the political development experienced when Mustafa Akıncı was elected as the President is an exceptional opportunity for a solution.

According to the news, the election of Akıncı enables the negotiations to be carried out in a sincere dialogue environment.

Academy Art Association Folk Dances Group receives the best team award in the Czech Republic

Academy Art Association Folk Dances Group participated in a festival in the Czech Republic  and represented the Turkish Cypriot culture and was elected as the best team of the festival.

Folk Dancers

According to the announcement by the Association, groups from Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Lithuania and Ukraine also participated in “Mezinarodni Folklornı Festıval Lazne Belohrad”.

As a result of the shows evaluated during the festival, Academy Art Association Folk Dances Group received the best team award.

Head of Academy Art Association Gencay Eroğlu emphasized that such international festivals contributes to the promotion of the country and added that the association completed its duty with success.

Hardliners heap scorn on Anastasiades vision for a united Cyprus

According to the article by Elias Hazou in today’s Greek Cypriot daily Cyprus Mail, the rejectionist parties on Thursday heaped scorn on Greek Cypriot Leader Nicos Anastasiades vision of a reunited island as it was relayed to a group of businessmen and diplomats a day earlier.Hardliners scorn

At an event co-organised by the communities’ respective Chambers of Commerce on Wednesday, Anastasiades cited a number of studies which found that, post-settlement, the island’s GDP could double in 20 years’ time.

And in his speech, President Mustafa Akıncı said: “The natural resources belong to all Cypriots and they should be taken as a source of cooperation instead of conflict. A solution of the Cyprus problem will create favourable conditions for a win-win situation where all sides will benefit by linking fields and selling the resources in the most economical way.”

Hazou wrote that DIKO took exception particularly with Akıncı’s statement on the need for joint exploitation of the island’s offshore hydrocarbon resources, which he interpreted as a provocation.

The party said the Turkish side “had a nerve” demanding control over Cyprus’s natural resources, but blamed this on concessions made by Greek Cypriot Leader Nicos Anastasiades but also his predecessor Demetris Christofias.nicos-anastasiades1

In a statement by party spokeswoman Christiana Erotokritou, DIKO called on the Leader to state that no discussion whatsoever on hydrocarbons would take place in the ongoing peace talks.

Back in January, Anastasiades said he was ready to talk hydrocarbons at the tail-end of the negotiations.

“The Leader must understand that he cannot mortgage the future generations, in order to serve the policy of concessions, of which he is the architect.”

Hazou continued as the Citizens Alliance accused the Leader of bandying numbers about, in a misguided bid to drive home the message that reunification will benefit the people.

The single-seat party proceeded to give Anastasiades a lesson in economics: “In the last 20 years, South Cyprus’s GDP has grown by two-and-a-half times, and this with two stock exchange crashes, a haircut on deposits, a sharp decline in property prices and the bankruptcy of at least two state companies.

“In other words, the Leader is promising a solution that offers no benefit to the South Cyprus economy.”

Socialists EDEK also sought to dismantle Anastasiades vision for Cyprus, which it dubbed “a nightmare.”

Hazou finally said the party wondered how the Leader can quote economic forecasts from “dodgy reports” when, at this time, no one knows what shape a settlement might take.

“After a solution, will a strong central government emerge exercising a single economic policy throughout Cyprus, or will two states emerge, leading to more bureaucracy and a cash-guzzling state apparatus?”

EDEK added: “What will the true cost of the solution be, and how would it be paid? Who would pay for it and how?

“Who will pay the billions in property compensation? Will Turkey, some foreign donors, or the people of Cyprus?”

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