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Dogankoy Church Refurbishment

Doğanköy Church Refurbishment

September 2014

By Margaret Sheard….

On Sunday 7th September 2014 I went along to the old Doğanköy Church (Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary) to meet with Paula Shirley and Incilay Fell of the Doğanköy Community Association to make a donation on behalf of Richard Chamberlain the photographer.

When I arrived I was amazed to see a team of builders hard at work making major repairs to this ancient building and was even more amazed to learn that they had made arrangements for a wedding blessing to be conducted in this lovely old building the following weekend and just wondered would it be ready in time.

I should not have worried as Chris went along to see Paula and Incilay just two hours before the event to find them both smiling as last minute jobs were being done and the church was looking like its former self with a weather proof coat and decoration that will last for many more years.

Do have a look at some of our pictures of the work in hand and 6 days later a complete transformation which says a great deal for teamwork and hard work to meet the deadline which was overseen by Mehmet Kuşadali of  “Damp Consultants”.

Clearly with many old buildings like this it takes a lot of funds to maintain them and for those that would like to help with the further preservation and perhaps make a donation, please visit the Doğanköy Community Association Facebook page click here or  contact Paula Shirley on 0533 830 3256 or email

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