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By Maria Chappell

I am pleased to tell our readers and followers of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus that with the help of Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard of we have now created a website which you can read here by clicking here.Maria Chappell sml

This ensures that our news can be shared with a worldwide readership as well as our readers on our Facebook page which you can view by clicking here

You can read all about our news and other information by clicking on the menu buttons above and for the latest news and reviews we have written you can view these below this posting as well as through oue of the menu buttions.

For a wide selection of local and international news and reviews, do please visit and see what our friends on are writing by clicking here or on Facebook by clicking here 

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  1. This is a great organisation who deserve lots and lots of support.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Art and Mary Watson.

    • Thank you, we are getting there, not slow as it so often is here but faster than we can keep up some times,, We have had a meeting already with the Mayor or Alsancak, and we will be having one with the Lapta Mayor very soon as today we have received a phone call for,it to go ahead and awaiting the time and date,
      We explained that we wish to work towards a compleated adiquite compound that comply with the EU standards, working together this can be achieved, We also explained that our goal is to find foster homes and forever homes for the street dogs here in North Cyprus,
      This can be achieved with a good sharing of our vision and hope,,

  2. Please can you help us we are two really nice dogs our human daddy has died and he loved us so much our human mum has to go back to the uk to sort lots out can someone please help give us a home we love cats xxxxx

  3. Hi. I am fostering 2 puppies and need to find home(s) for them. How do I advertise them on this site?

    • Hello Jackie,

      If you wish to send us some pictures and a brief introduction write up and your contact details we will see what we can do to help you and the 2 puppies.