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By Chris Elliott

When you are interested in history, you need to know where to find research material and also meet other people who have the same interest and want to share their knowledge.

Picture courtesy of Mete Teoman Have music...will Travel!
Picture courtesy of Mete Teoman “Have music…will Travel!”

So many people are wanting to re-discover the history of Cyprus and through a newly formed Facebook page they are doing just that by sharing photographs of yesteryear and chatting and learning about the pictures posted.

Videos are also being shared and some attempts are being made to write articles which give a very real picture of what the life and culture of Cyprus was like so many years ago.

The following posting on Frozen Cypriots explains what the group want to achieve and they have done this in great style and at the date of this posting (20th August 2014)  they now have 3,754 members and has posted in some of our various article links and have received great feedback, information and in some cases our article links have been shared by members which increases the opportunity of feedback.

Well done Frozen Cypriots!

Facebook users can visit Frozen Cypriots by clicking here

Frozen Cypriots banner

4th June 2014

Frozen Cypriots

Dear friends, I would like to thank each and every one of you from bottom of my heart and on behalf of all the administration members for making Frozen Cypriots possible reaching 3000 strong within six months.

We enjoyed every photo and every comment although it has been a little challenging at times. To be able to share nostalgia of Cyprus and Cypriot moments in history has been very fulfilling. Learning from one another things we know and things we didn’t know, made this very pleasurable for me personally and I hope for all our fellow friends (members) I hope every one of you have enjoyed the group as much as I do.

Frozen Cypriots belong to all of us so let’s enjoy and relive the nostalgia with our photos and learn from one another.

Thanks once again to all the admin and all our fellow members.

Eren Erdogan