A poem of St Hilarion Castle

A poem of St Hilarion Castle

By Ismail Veli

With words we can conjure up so many visions of people and placesSt Hilation Castle and when I think about my family roots which are from Cyprus, one image that comes to mind is the majesty of the mountain with St Hilarion Castle on the top and I recently came across a poem which had been published many years ago and sums up those visions of St Hilarion that I have in my mind.

What fantastic beauty and heritage we have in Cyprus and I invite you to come with me on a journey of discovery and when you read the words of the poem perhaps you will also see those images I can see.

A poem of St Hilarion Castle

She stands serene and sees the world sweep by
Majestic in her wild simplicity
Gazing across the sea, to hills she must have known
When still a child, and yet has grown
Apart, aloof, and all alone

She has seen men at peace and war,
And smiles when on her rocky shore
They built Kyrenia, apologetic, nestling sweet;
While out at sea, sailed the Phoenician fleet
Towards the sun and distant Crete.

She waited and the wild Crusaders came
With sword and bible, crucifix and flame;
Men with great hearts, great appetites, short lives
They built her crown of mortar and of leaves
Picked from the mount they call Olives.

She waits there still, and I have watched the stars
Salute her one by one ; through age-old bars
Of Gothic window, I have heard the night
Turn restless in her sleep, before day’s light.
Thought I, not might but age is right

Published in

 Cyprus Post 25th October 1942

 Romantic Cyprus 4th edition 1950


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