December 3, 2022

Tulips Easter Egg Competition

We have received information of an event which was held to raise funds for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips), which was their annual “Guess the number of Easter Eggs in the Jar”. The results of this event are as below:-

“We have just held our annual “Guess the number of EaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAster Eggs in the Jar” competition and firstly we would like to thank all the very generous supporters of Tulips who donated the eggs free of charge.  Then we would also like to thank everyone who supported our fundraiser and parted with their hard earned cash and a special thank you to Barbara Willbye for helping out with the competition.

The total number of eggs in the jar was 570 and the total money raised was 535.70TL.  We almost raised a Lira for every egg that was in the jar, how amazing is that!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We had 2 people who had correctly guessed the number of eggs in the jar and so to be fair, we tossed a coin to determine the winner and this turned out to be Val Gregory from Karsiyaka.

Val said that ‘she is absolutely thrilled with winning as she very rarely wins anything!’ Just goes to show there is always a first time for everything!

Once again Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association would like to say how grateful we are for all the support we get with our fund raising activities.

Carole & Sue”

We have also been advised that Carole and Sue have booked a stall at Soyz Market in Çatalköy on Sunday 27th April to sell clothes and goods for Tulips.  They would be very grateful for as many people as possible to go along and give their support.



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