The Foreign Residents – Funeral of David Halstead

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

 Funeral of David Halstead

by Ralph Kratzer

I just saw David a few days ago at the funeral of Nigel Watson in Lapta. He was cheerful as always, as I knew him from various meetings in the past.

David talking to Margaret - Lunch at the Trout Farm

David talking to Margaret Sheard

What an irony of fate, this week we had to carry him as well to the grave.

Suddenly and unexpectedly David was torn from our midst a few days ago.

Many of his friends and acquaintances came last Friday to the cemetery in Lapta to pay tribute and their last respects to this extraordinary man.

The funeral ceremony was again led by Keith Lloyd, who reported in his address about the deceased some touching but also some funny details of David’s life.

The Treasurer of the TFR and longtime neighbour and friend of the deceased, Horst Gutowski, did bring the mourners on site to smile and sometimes even to laugh in his speech about his friendship with David.

At the grave the favorite song of David from the American rock star Meat Loaf was played as a last farewell.

At the subsequent get-together of the mourners in the Jessic Bar much has been spoken about the endearing quirks of the deceased and, despite the sad occasion, there was also a lot of laughs. I am absolutely sure David would have liked it…

Farewell, my friend, see you again someday!

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