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North Cyprus – BRS AGM – A briefing by Mr Ozdil Nami

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AGM Keynote Speech Invitation

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AGM Keynote Speech Invitation

To all BRS Members to attend a Briefing by TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ozdil Nami, on the latest developments with particular reference to British expatriates interests.

The invitation is extended from BRS in association with MNCB to Members of BRS interested in Government Relations and Property matters.

The talk is by the TRNC Minister of Foreign Relations, (This includes European Harmonisation) Mr Ozdil Nami, the talk will take place as the keynote speech at the BRS AGM at 11a.m., on Saturday 12th April, at the Dome Hotel Girne.

Please try to get there early as there may be queues at registration. Registration starts from 9:30 a.m.

Background to the Talk

In recent times the BRS Committee’s Government & Property interests has formed a close working relationship with Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB) a movement dedicated to improving the lot of expatriates who love and chose to live in Cyprus. You can read more about the foundation of MNCB on its website at

MNCB has assisted BRS, in making discreet representations to the Prime Minister and three important Ministries. The Interior Ministry, the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who have oversight in rationalising TRNC legislation with the EEC.

This co-operation started with Malcolm Mitcheson co-option to the BRS Committee. Gul Ozsan and Ashkin Ibrahim joined the BRS liaison team to assist in the wider aspects of improving relations with the TRNC Government. This work, in association with the work of others, is leading to a gradual step by step process of improved recognition of expatriate legal & civil rights in the Courts and by Government.

The continuation of this effort is strongly supported by the present BRS Committee under the Acting Chairmanship of Nicky Montgomery.

BRS, with MNCB support, continue to press for a better recognition of the contribution of expatriates to the TRNC life and its economy. We contend that an even bigger contribution can be made by attracting more expatriates if the Government enact some simple changes to TRNC Law and Government Processes.

This talk by Mr Ozdil Nami to interested BRS members will give a first hand insight to how the Government now perceive expatriate support and how the joint negotiations and rationalisation with European processes are continuing.

MNCB-BRS invitation to the Minister

We asked the Minister to enlighten BRS members on the following:

Our issues of concern generally come under the Interior or Health Ministry brief. However, we thought we can approach You in your capacity for the Ozdil Namioverall harmonising of regulations with the EU.

We would like a brief speech to give BRS members some confidence building announcements that harmonisation was really going to happen. If You have any public update on the progress of the Joint talks this will be very much welcomed too.

The issues below are those that we have already brought to the attention of Government, with help from MNCB. What we would like to hear is some reassurance to our member victims that these issues are now getting special attention from the Government, or even better, confirmation that changes are in the pipeline to eliminate these problems.

1) There are many frustrated people who have bought their houses and still don’t have Permission to Purchase (PTP). A few who bought in good faith and lived in their houses have even been waiting for as long as 10 years.

These people would like to hear some words of reassurance that their plight is recognised. Can we have an amnesty for those in the pipeline and in future only build houses in PTP free areas? With these two simple steps all problems could be eliminated.

2) Can we be told what is happening about the very worried people who bought Villas, followed local lawyers advice on process and have their paid for homes, but are threatened with re-possession by stealth Mortgagees or memorandums?

Can we have some assurance that the law be urgently amended to reassure victims caught up in this trap? A simple amendment will fix this.

3) Can we be advised what is happening to help the victims who bought houses in good faith, according to contract, but are now still trapped in years of litigation to have fulfilment of contract.

Can it be confirmed that a Specific Performance amendment will be soon introduced? A simple amendment will fix this too.

4) Will the Government look into or eliminate the annual medical test for Europeans who contribute to the economy and choose to be resident in TRNC? We refer only to non-working residents, those over 60 are already exempted from annual medical tests. Large extra numbers are not involved.

We acknowledge that people who have work permits will still need to have regular health checks depending on their work sector.

If we could have a real indication that the MNCB/BRS representation to Government is causing a genuine re-think in the 4 areas mentioned this will go a long way to assuring our members that their contribution to TRNC life is welcomed & valued.

Other Key Questions from Members- Your chance

There may be an opportunity to briefly respond to other questions given in advance if they are of concern to groups of members but not individual cases.

If you have a group concern not covered by our broad questions will you please email us urgently on we will group similar questions and see if the Minister can give us a response to additional questions.

Your Invitation RSVP

For our members comfort, it’s important to the Dome hotel that numbers are notified in advance of this meeting. Members wishing to attend this briefing and the AGM at the Dome Hotel Girne, on Saturday 12th April at 11am, all members welcome, are asked to please let us know in advance: please email

Please remember you will have to show your paid up 2014 membership card to enter. Registration will be open from 9:30 a.m., or you can renew membership at other BRS information points, please click here for details.

Editors Note:

For non BRS members you are very welcome to go along and register as a member when you will then be entitled to attend the BRS AGM and listen to the briefing by TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ozdil Nami.

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