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North Cyprus – Kyrenia Municipality gives notice to dog owners

Kyrenia Municipality

gives notice to dog owners

By Chris Elliott

It would seem that representatives of the Kyrenia Municipality were out on the highways and byways delivering notices to the owners of dogs. This must have been an easy It was so easy!task as most dogs bark when strangers come to the gate.

So in our locality every property that has a dog in the garden received a notice in both English and Turkish giving notice that under Section 52 “Law on Dogs” and 51/95 Municipality Law the owner has a legal obligation to obtain a licence and have Echinococcus checks done annually for all dogs within the borders of the Kyrenia Municipality. The notice stated that legal action will be taken against all dog owners who do not abide by these regulations.

Perhaps other Municipalities in North Cyprus are also taking the same action.

One point that was not mentioned is that there is now a legal requirement to have all dogs micro chipped by no later than the 1st July 2014 and includes registering with the local authority and having the appropriate inoculation completed.

The sequence of events has been advised by Kyrenia Animal Rescue and you can read the full details by clicking here.

Polite advice, we have all been advised of the requirement and the locations of dogs has no doubt been noted by the representatives when delivering the notices as shown under.

Kyrenia Municipalty Notice to dog owners - English

Kyrenia Municipalty Notice to dog owners - Turkish

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    • Yes David let’s hope the thinking is on the ball. The sample notice I published was in fact double sided and in English and Turkish so the intent is there, let’s see in the weeks ahead what happens.

      Why did they not state on the notice that all dogs should be micro chipped before the 1st July? Dogs have to be micro chipped now before they can be registered etc.

      • Our two dogs are microchipped inoculated and Registered with the Catalkoy Belediyer from the originally required but plenty of ” locals” have never seen a vet or been registered