Cyprus – Views from Nicosia


By Margaret Sheard

Group at Luna Park
Luna Park, Nicosia – November 2013

We have come across a video from 1964 of views in the Nicosia area of Cyprus from YouTube which was uploaded by Tommy Nilsson and shared by fellow writer Ismail Veli on Facebook. It brings back many memories of places we have visited when researching some of the many articles we have produced for

To recall one in particular was the story I wrote from information given to me by a British ex-serviceman who spent most his National Service in Cyprus during the period 1957/59 and sent me many photographs taken at this time. This prompted trying to retrace some of these areas which led us to Ledra Street, Metaxa Square, Luna Park, very different then to how they are now. To see this article click here.

The group at the airport
Nicosia International Airport – November 2013

On another occasion, following Remembrance Day in Kyrenia in November 2013, we took this ex-serviceman and 2 of his comrades, together with a Turkish Cypriot friend who has lived most of his life in the UK, for a visit to the Buffer Zone which was arranged with the help of the UN. This visit included Wayne’s Keep, and what was possibly the site of the ex-servicemen’s old camp, also something which was exciting for all of us was the inclusion of a visit to the old Nicosia International Airport which was quite emotional for our Turkish Cypriot friend, Ismail Veli, who had last been there when he was 16 years old and never thought he would ever set foot on it again. To see the articles about this visit click here and click here.

So the video you can see below is not only very nostalgic from our point of view, it is more importantly some of the history of Cyprus and something which needs to be kept as part of its heritage.

Tommy Nilsson’s Youtube entry

“This video (orginal Double 8-movie) was filmed in Nicosia in May 1964 and show, among others, sequences from Metaxa Square (in 1974 renamed as Eleftheria Square, with Town Hall, Ledra Street, the area around Green Line, Omorphita, check-point Athalassa and finally views from Archbishop Makarios Palace.”