August 15, 2022

Second Moroccan Night at The Food Lodge

And again a Hit!

By Ralph Kratzer

A few weeks ago I  reported about the first Moroccan Night in The Food Lodge in Catalköy and what a success it had been. To remember – please click here!

P1010320And of course,  because of the excellent belly dancers, I did not want to miss the second event, which was under the same theme.

So on Saturday, 23rd November, I was back on the road to Catalköy together with some friends of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR).

This time I did not make ​​the same mistake of having already eaten before I went!

Sonja, one of the two owners of The Food Lodge, welcomed me with the words: “This time we have organized everything better!”


I personally found the organization of the first Moroccan Night not bad, but in fact, Sonja and her partner Latifa had again thought about  improvements.

In advance of the second event, rather than taking reservations, tickets for admission were sold. This resulted in more security in the planning of the evening and the use of the staff. So it came about that more staff was available, which was very advantageous for supplying the guests with drinks.

P1010326The buffet was again well stocked with lush Moroccan specialities.  Some guests could no longer wait for  the official opening of the buffet and pounced earlier than they should have,  but after a short while everything went smoothly and no one could complain at the end of the evening that they were not  satisfied.

As during the first night, some weeks before, the numerous belly dance performances of the ladies of the “Little Eastern Studios” attracted the guests on the spot under their spell.

P1010339So it was that in the end some of the  female guests present could not resist to dance as well, only the gentlemen on site did not dare, but one male guest contributed at least his talent on the drum.

I suspect Sonja and Latifa already have ideas for similar events for the future in their minds!

More pictures in a slideshow – please click here!

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