December 8, 2022

TRNC News Today- 28th November 2013


TRNC President Dervis Eroğlu has stressed that the Turkish Cypriot side was seeking a settlement and if the Greek Cypriot side had the same intention then there was no reason for a disagreement. Eroglu continued: “All we need is to safeguard each other’s interests.”

Speaking during the visit yesterday, President Eroglu said that hoping was a good thing, but it was also necessary to see the realities.

Recording that there were some realities on the island which could not be ignored, Eroglu expressed that it was important to create an environment by taking into account the realities in which the two peoples could livDervis Eroglue in peace.

Pointing out that the crossing points between the TRNC and Greek Cypriot Administration were open and the people could cross over the check points, President Eroglu said that what was meant by ‘peace’ was living in peace quietly which has already existed in the TRNC.

Stating: “We have been seeking if we can establish a common ground” President Dervis Eroglu added that at least 2 UN Secretary General Plans came out. While the Turkish Side accepted these, the Greek Cypriot side rejected them. Therefore the Turkish Cypriot side put forward its settlement intention in this way.

Eroglu highlighted that it was the Greek Cypriots’ turn to put forward their settlement intention and if they put forward their intention, there was no reason for a disagreement.

Reminding that the new leader was elected in South Cyprus, President Eroglu used the expression: “We were thinking of sitting at the negotiation table during the first half of October. We had consensus regarding this issue at the dinner we had. The person who is our counterpart is in Brussels now to have some contacts. We will see what his attitude will be when he comes back.”


Evaluating the Greek Cypriot Special Representative Mavroyannis’s recent explanations as: ‘This is an obvious indicator of the distortional campaign they follow’. TRNC President Dervis Eroglu’s Special Representative Osman Ertug said: “Anastasiades has run out of the excuses he made in order not to sit Osman Ertugat the table.”

Repeating that the Turkish Cypriot side was ready to launch negotiations without preconditions, Ertug recorded that in this sense, on Monday night they presented two new written proposals to the Greek Cypriot side and put forward a variety of ideas as a way to overcome this situation.

In the written statement he made after the leaders’ meeting on Monday night, Ertuğ described the news published in the Greek Cypriot press as ‘distortion’ and said that this was obvious proof that the Greek Cypriot side used this event as propaganda not for reconciliation.

Reminding that the idea of meeting at the leaders level without the participation of the United Nations (UN) came out during the phone call when Eroglu called Anastasiades to express his condolences due to the death of former Greek Cypriot leader Clerides, Ertug expressed that Anastasiades’s attitude during the meeting and the leaked information by statements made following the meeting showed that the aim of the Greek Cypriots was to present a political scenario rather than seeking for a way out.


The 2nd President of the TRNC – Mehmet Ali TMehmet Ali Talatalat, expressed during his reception yesterday that various turning points have been continuously experienced regarding the Cyprus issue and recently a joint statement has merely become a precondition.

Recording that the Turkish side said ‘it is not necessary’ for the joint statement and organized a meeting in recent days at the buffer zone in order to overcome this deadlock, Talat defended that it was even wrong to work on a ‘joint statement’.

Stating: “A joint statement was not really needed”, Talat continued that although two months have passed, the special representatives could not make any progress and he described this as: ‘extremely impolitic.’

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