August 19, 2022

Kenyan students caught up in

North/South Cyprus crossfire

Northern Cyprus Education under embargoes assaults

By Chris Elliott

Embargoes, embargoes and embargoes. Living in North Cyprus you become relaxed about the fact that you are living on a divided island and that North Cyprus is not recognised by the rest of the world apart from Turkey.

So what do embargoes mean to the local folk. Well, it is not possible to fly Educationdirect to North Cyprus and planes land in Turkey before flying to the TRNC for which there is extra time and cost added to your journey. Most foods and other commodities if they are not shipped in direct from Turkey arrive by container at Mersin in Turkey where they are transferred to other ships for onward shipment to North Cyprus. Need we say any more?

Embargoes also affect the everyday lives of people living here in many ways. Sportsmen, including children, are prevented from participating in friendly or international events abroad. So many people and groups have had their plans prevented when they have tried to exercise their human rights when they try to share their friendship with the outside world.

It’s not only people living in North Cyprus who are affected, in the world of education students from overseas are hit hard as well. Just read this article on the Standard Digital News which highlights the punishment being given to Kenyan students for daring to come to North Cyrus for education and a better life.

Standard Digital News – Kenyan students caught up in North, South Cyprus crossfire.

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