August 9, 2022

TRNC struggling to turn Cyprus as

‘Island of Peace’

By Chris Elliott

Reading the Pakistan Observer of Thursday 21st November, there was a very supportive article of the TRNC which read:

“PAKISTAN is always played a flagship role in extending support to those who are Pakistan flagstruggling for their just rights all over the world.

The case of Turkish Republic of Northern Cypriots is a special one in the hearts of Pakistanis who have given an ownership to this cause of Turkish Cypriots who are struggling to get their just rights and legal entity as enunciated in the United Nations Charter.”

It was interesting to read this article and of the celebrations held in Pakistan for the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Similar celebrations were also held in Rome in Italy, to read more click here.

To read more of the article in the Pakistan Observer about the  support for the TRNC, click on this link. TRNC struggling to turn Cyprus as ‘Island of Peace’.

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