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Standard Digital News – Kenyan students caught up in North, South Cyprus crossfire

Kenyan students caught up in North/South Cyprus crossfire Northern Cyprus Education under embargoes assaults By Chris Elliott Embargoes, embargoes and embargoes. Living in North Cyprus you become relaxed about the fact that you are living on a divided island and that North Cyprus is not recognised by the rest […]

GAU Chancellor Serhat Akpinar congratulated by LinkedIn

GREAT SUPPORT FROM SERHAT AKPINAR TOWARDS TRNC HIGHER EDUCATION AND NATIONAL PROMOTION GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators, Serhat Akpınar, figured in the world’s largest and most popular professional information network “LinkedIn” as one of the most searched and followed names. “LinkedIn”, has 200 million […]

GAU – 100 Best Universities in Higher Education

GAU Announcement: The Postgraduate and Doctorate Placements  GAU has been accredited as one of 100 best universities in higher education by the official accreditation and auditing institution “Eduniversal” after practicing for 27 years in higher education, and GAU has announced that it commenced new registration admissions for postgraduate and doctorate […]

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