December 6, 2022




Girne American University Architecture, Design and Fine Arts Faculty Department of Architecture is hosting the 37th Communication Group of Department Heads of Schools of Architecture (MOBBİG) meeting.

The Communication Group of Department Heads of Schools of Architecture reported that the 37th meeting will gather more than 70 Deans, Heads and representatives of the Architecture Faculty and Department of Turkey and TRNC and the meeting will be held on 3rd and 4th October in the GAU Millennium Senate Congress Hall.  The meeting will also gather the Chair and Vice-Chairs of Turkey and TRNC Chamber of Architecture and Architecture Accreditation Council and members of institutions, councils, commissions and working groups regarding Architectural Education, Acceptation into Profession and Ethics and the Law of the Architectural Profession to realize promotion and presentation.

GAU stated that the meeting will focus on presentations of the commission and working groups, Accreditation Works and Experiences in Architecture, Academic Programs of New Departments, MİAK memberships and MOBBİG commission member selection and finally the next MOBBİGhost and the setting of the agenda. Finally it has been added that TRNC non-governmental organizations are expected to show deep interest in the meeting.


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