Direct Flights for North and South


By Chris Elliott

Recently we published a number of articles on the subject of direct flights into Cyprus (North and South) and the report of a flight from Boarding our flightTrabzon in Turkey going direct to Larnaca when permission was given by Turkey for the flight to go to Rhodes.  It would seem the aircraft pilot had other ideas.

Having just returned to North Cyprus from a week’s delightful holiday in Trabzon I can report we had  an exhausting and expensive journey from Ercan to our destination of Trabzon which involved 2 flights both ways.  Why!, perhaps in this case it’s a question of available shuttle flights being used to reach our destinations but with additional air miles and associated take off and landing costs to reach our destination we have to question why these methods of travel exist.

Outward journey

Ercan to Adana 167 miles – Adana to Trabzon 363.5 miles =  Total miles 530 (two flights)

Return journey

Trabzon to Istanbul  560.35 miles  – Istanbul to Ercan 480.1 miles  = Total Miles 1040.45 (two flights) 

Direct distance Ercan to Trabzon – Total Miles 530

Comparison Journeys

Ercan via Istanbul to London –  Total Miles 2036 (two flights) 

Potential Ercan to London Total Miles 2003 

Please note the distances shown are approximate and are shown for comparison.

So why do we have these strange arrangements for flights to and from North Cyprus, well there is so much counter-argument about this issue which was brought about by the division of Cyprus in 1974 and earlier events.  Since the international embargoes have been put in place at the request of Cyprus Republic, freedom of travel to North Cyprus has been prevented, of course this breaches human rights for individuals, so do two wrongs make a right?

It is said that the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot administration are due to meet this month (October 2013) to negotiate a final settlement of the Cyprus issue and if successful, then perhaps we will see more sensible travel arrangements being made for the whole of Cyprus.

Egemen Bagis
Egemen Bagis

There follows a very interesting and thought-provoking article which includes some more personal flight experiences and we have shown below one of the comments by Egemen Bağış, the Turkish  Minister for European Union and Chief Negotiator, who makes an offer that should not be ignored if a settlement to the Cyprus issue is to be found.

Opportunity Cost a Divided Cyprus

I again asked Bağış what if Apollon wants to come to Turkey with a direct fly just like Trabzonspor did. He told me that there’s no problem if Apollon wants to. “They are more than welcomed,” he said. “As soon as Greek Cyprus lifts its ban for the international airline companies to fly Ercan in Northern Cyprus, we are ready to open all our ports and airports to Greek Cyprus. Direct fly doesn’t mean an official recognition.”

First Ever Direct Flight From Turkey to Cyprus, in My Lifetime | Alparslan Akkuş.