December 6, 2022

Friends of the TRNC Emergency

Services –  Quiz Night

By Margaret Sheard

It is very difficult to be able to get to some of the many events which are held in North Cyprus, the Quiz Night being one of them, but Brenda Plant has kindly sent some information and photos of the last event which was held on 30th September and we are pleased to pass this on to our readers. This is what Brenda has said:-

“On Monday 30th September 70 people gathered at The Ravine restaurant for the 112 monthly quiz to support The Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services, As usual there was much laughter as 15 teams competed with rounds ranging from ‘Boom and Bust’ to ‘Sport’. It was a close run race but in the end ‘The 3 J’s’ (although there were 5 people in the team!) romped home to win the wine whilst ‘The Hopefuls’, whose hopes obviously did them no good, were delighted to take the 112 wooden spoon home.

The 3 J's
The 3 J’s

The Hopefuls









Halfway through the evening there was a break for a great supper of fish and chips or chicken shish (how does the chef manage to produce 70 hot meals at the same time?).

The evening ended with the drawing of the raffle and ‘The Friends’ were delighted to announce that they had raised 770TL for more equipment for the emergency services.”

It sounds as if a good time was had by all and a brilliant amount raised for the emergency services for much needed equipment.

The next monthly quiz night will be held at The Ravine on Monday 28th October.

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