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The following has been received from the Esentepe Fun Run committee.

“The Esentepe Fun Run committee would like to provide you with a further update on our progress and plans for this year’s “Fun Run” on the 20th April.

The 2012 Esentepe Fun RunFor your additional information, we have also included an update on the Association’s status, provided to us by our President, Raziye Kocaismail within the last week.  This is included at the end of this release and is in a question and answer format for your convenience.

The preparations for the Fun Run are continuing at a pace now with sponsor forms being distributed to those participants requesting them via our email or contact address on:

esentepefunrun@outlook.com,  or by phoning Alex Kennedy on 0533-8896375

Or alternatively by:  visiting the Tulips stall at Chateau Lambousa on any Saturday, or either of the two “Best Seller” book shops (Alsancak or Karakum) which also have sponsor forms available.

We are currently visiting as many schools as possible; iTulipsncluding the higher education establishments, to encourage them to participate in what should be a great event for people of all ages and abilities.  To date we have received a very positive response from both Primary and Secondary schools contacted.

Turkish versions of the press releases have also been translated, ready to be sent out to the Turkish language media over the course of the next week or so as soon as we receive them from the printing company.

Both English and Turkish posters and flyers, advertising the event have been produced.  The English versions are already starting to appear in various locations around the TRNC, with the Turkish ones following on within the next two weeks or so.

New confirmed sponsors

We are pleased to announce that we have two additional sponsors GetInlinesupporting our activities since our last release:

  • Astute FMA
  • Credit West Bank

We are continuing to look for donors/sponsors of good quality prizes/services for both the Auction and raffles to be held at the various events.

 Major “additional” fund raising initiative for this year’s events.

We are putting together a major initiative to encourage all our supporters and participants of the “Fun Run” to text Turkcell and/or Telsim on: 4171 on the day of the event

Every text sent will generate a donation of 5TL directly to the charity.  We would very much appreciate your help in any way you can to assist us in passing the message on please.

Other supporting events

We are currently in the final stages of the detailed planning for the other supporting events.  The Fun Day main event takes place on Saturday the 27th April in the afternoon and evening in Esentepe at the Kings Bar, Turtle bay.  This event will include:

  • The Grand Auction
  • Four live bands
  • Line dancing
  • Raffle
  • Buffet at 10TL per head12 Thank you all, I am so happy says Raziye

 Full details of this event plus the other supporting events will be released to you within the next two weeks or so. 

In conclusion and for additional background, we would like to provide you with some information on the status of the operations of the “Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips)”.  This was provided to us in a question and answer format last week, by Founder and President, Raziye Kocaismail.

  1. How much money per month is required to keep the Association going?

 126,000TL per month

  1. How many nurses at the Oncology unit does the association pay for?

All the nurses plus the Oncologist every Friday

  1. How many NEW cancer patients come through the doors each week?

Between 10 and 13 per week! Mondays are the worst day for the association as many people once diagnosed seem to sit at home thinking about their options and what is available to them.  They then visit the Association after the weekend.  Raziye regularly sees 6 or 7 new cases on Monday alone………

  1. How many of those are foreign patients?

Approximately one per week comes through the door of the Association.  This includes UK expats, Russians, Germans, and Dutch.

  1. What types of cancer have the highest incidence within the TRNC?

The highest rate of cancer in women is breast cancer and for men it is prostate cancer.  There has recently been a large increase in bowel cancer, 3rd on the list and 4th lung cancer which is now broadly spread between men and women, whilst previously was predominantly seen in  men.  In children, the largest number of cancer patients, suffer from Leukaemia followed by brain tumours.

Raziye believes that the decline in deaths in breast and prostate cancer is down to education.  Early diagnosis is absolutely crucial to the chances of beating the disease.  Both breast and prostate cancer are curable if caught early enough.  This is why the association continues to send out educational teams, to schools, work places and villages to explain to people what to look for and how to examine yourself etc

The mindset has changed considerably over here within the last two years or so, since the Association has embarked on its many campaigns on cancer awareness.  This includes major discounted testing campaigns for both men and women.  People now are ringing the Association to ask when the next anti cancer campaign is due to be held…..

We would like to thank all of you and the media once again for all the support you have provided to our Association to date.

Please contact us by mail or phone if you need any further information at all”.   

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