June 1, 2023

 The SAVE A LIFE Campaign

0542 880 0112

This is not a Blood Donation DAY

Since the news of the “SAVE A LIFE” campaign appeared in some newspapers and social media networking groups and websites, there has been a lot of interest and, as happens, some individuals have raised questions which have been addressed and we have been asked to  publish the following to clarify the complete facts as follows:

“This is what you have to do.

Send a text message with your blood group and nearest hospital to 0542 880 0112

There is no need to send your name.

We then put your blood group and hospital in a mobile device and in the event of blood being required URGENTLY, we send out text messages to the blood group and hospital requiring the donation, this is for operations, transfusions and in the event of a major disaster .

All three hospitals blood managers will determine what an EMERGENCY is.

The normal conditions apply regarding donation within the last three months.

This scheme has been set up because over the last year I, (SteveHand held news delivery Collard) was contacted to see if I could get extra blood for some emergencies  and 15 units of blood were required of “A POSITIVE” blood group over a 6 day period.

All of my contacts were used from my mobile phone and we managed to get the required amount to help SAVE a LIFE.

Other groups were contacted as we had all run out of donors.

No organisation is involved with this initiative just the three people below.

We have been given help by Credit West and Telsim to get this scheme off the ground and we will be able to target 400 000 mobile phone users in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus after the official launch in a couple of weeks time.

This campaign hopes to get at least 1000 phone owners to sign up to this scheme in the first year.

Most organisations that we have seen accept that the SAVE a LIFE scheme will work and have backed it 100%.

Meetings have been held with the TRNC Health Secretary, Senior Police and Fire Officers and the BLOOD BANK managers.

A further meeting is being arranged with all parties to progress this Scheme further.

We do not do anything half heartedly and a great deal of time has been spent on setting up this scheme.

Please help by sending your details to

0542 880 0112

Some people that have sent out messages on our behalf have had question thrown back at them. If someone publishes something that has not been sent out by the three of us below then I, (Steve Collard) cannot be responsible for its accuracy.

If you need clarification on any of the matters then contact us on direct on: savealife.trnc@hotmail.com

We will try and get back to you within 24 hours.

To sum up again:

We need volunteers to HELP when blood is needed URGENTLY.

Send a text with your blood group and nearest hospital and we will contact the relevant donors when their blood is needed.

Donations given will be credited to your organisation’s next donor session and your card will be stamped as a donation given.

We have had thirty volunteers sign up and have had three enquiries about donation, these prospective donors have been given the details of the next donation day at Girne hospital.

Thank you in advance.

Steve Collard, Dasha Denisova and Nigel Reeves


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