January 30, 2023

Blood Donors – Early Warning System 

We have received some updates for our Events Calendar from the Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services and included with this is the following comment, which has been circulated to all of their supporters, regarding the recently published Blood Donor Early Warning System.

6 Nigel Reeves has a make believe training wound” You may have seen in the local press about a Blood Donor Early Warning System, whilst it is not the baby of any one organisation some of our colleagues in the CESV have played a big part in organising it!

This system will be used in times of emergency i.e. an operation – I am sure many of you will have heard of people ringing around for blood when someone is going to have an operation or needs a transfusion – this system will make that task so much easier. Also in times of a major incident this will prove to be invaluable.

All you have to do is text your blood group and nearest state hospital to 0542 8800 112 – that is all the information required – the only personal details are your phone number and blood group – your name will not be required unless you are called to give blood, when you will give the normal Send your number to Save A Lifedetails to the hospital. Anyone below the age of 70 can take part in the scheme.

When/if you receive a text requiring your blood group you can either reply to the text or go to the hospital where the text has come from and donate your blood. Should you already be a ‘regular’ donor your blood will still be credited to yourself and the organisation who you usually donate through.”

Having the experience of arranging blood to be available for an operation I know how vital it is to have a database of donors, especially those with the rarer blood groups.   I didn’t have any problems when I had to work my way through the procedure but in an emergency it is so important to have immediate response and this is what the “early warning system” will give.    In North Cyprus we do not have a National Blood Transfusion Service as in the UK and the efforts of the people who are trying to make things better here are so much appreciated.

By Margaret Sheard

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