January 29, 2023

Last Call for Pancake Day

An Olde English Tradition Comes to Karakum

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News received from RBL, Kyrenia Branch:


“The old Courtyard Inn at Karakum is perhaps an appropriate venue for the re-enactment of the traditional Shrove Tuesday Tossing the PancakePancake Race on 12th February.

The Fun Morning starts at 11am with Coffee and Pancakes and the usual accoutrements of Lemon Juice, Sugar and Honey, at a charge of 8TL (or 5TL for RBL members).

Participating ‘Panners’ will then line up to race around the short course, with frying pan and pancake in hand.  Entry fee is TL3.

The rules are simple; first past the post wins, but each ‘Panner’ must have tossed the pancake at least three times dOlney Pancake Raceuring the race and finish complete, as at the start. There will be prizes or certificates for the winner and runners up.

History tells us that Pancake Racing may have begun, in the village of Olney, Buckinghamshire, as early as 1445 on the first Tuesday of Lent.  This day is known in some countries as Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) as housewives empty their larders in preparation for the Lentern Fast.

The race wOlney Pancake Race 1950as started by the sound of the Shriving Bell in the Olney Church Tower, when the ladies attired in scarves and pinnies, would dash about 380 metres from the High Street to the Church for the Shrive Service, the winner receiving a kiss from the Verger!

The race has been re-enacted every year since, attracting more ‘Panners’ every time; and the attention of the media.  Now there is also a children’s race in Olney, run since 1950, over a distance 20 metres.

Dressing up for the RBL Pancake Race is not mandatory, but it would certainly add to the fun, but you musSt Peter and Paul Church, Olneyt bring your own pan, pancakes will be provided.

It would be helpful if participants would declare themselves for the race at the RBL Stall at The Lambousa Saturday Market, or via the RBL Website events@rblkyrenia.com or by calling 0533 859 2451.

All proceeds will be donated to the RBL to aid its mission of supporting injured British Service personnel or their dependents in their time of need.

Watch out for details of the RBL St Valentine’s Night Party at The Ship Inn on Thursday 14th February – St Valentine’s Day.

The Royal British Legion: Shoulder to shoulder with those who Serve.

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