January 29, 2023

St Valentine’s Dine & Dance Party
at the Ship Inn, Karaoğlanoğlu

A ‘Lovely’ Evening for the Romantically Inclined

Latest News received from RBL, Kyrenia Branch:

“In a relationship, married, single? However you see yourself, come and join the fun; but you will need to book in advance!

Included in the entry price of TL45 (TL35 for RBL RBL LogoMembers) is your choice of a two course Roast Supper, either chicken of beef; and a non-stop entertainment programme featuring the TRNC’s top entertainers Pete Murray and DJ Motown Max, plus a ‘laughter packed’ competition for couples. The fun starts at 7.30pm for Dinner at 8pm, with no late restrictions, so you really can dance the night away with your Valentine.

St Valentine?

Yes, there actually was a Saint Valentine. Several actually, martyrs all and they are all honoured on February 14th each year. In the era of Late Antiquity, the name “Valentine” was a common name for boys. The name is derived from the word for valor; a fitting name for Christian martyrs.

But February 14th is not a group-celebration for all the Valentines; St Valentine baptising St Lucilla Jacopo Bassanoit involves one Saint in particular, St Valentine of Rome. He was a physician and a priest; there is also some evidence that he was a Bishop.

The 3rd Century Roman emperor Claudius II reigned over the empire for two years when he was keen to establish military power. He led attacks on the Goths and the Gauls with swift and decisive success. He insisted that that his soldiers should be unmarried, because he assumed that men with wives would not be a good fighting force due to their obligations at home. However, this edict did not stop the Roman soldiers from falling in love and wanting to marry the beautiful Mediterranean women of the Empire.

Father Valentine in Rome would perform Heartweddings for the loves-truck couples, in bold defiance of the orders of the Emperor. He also ministered to Christians persecuted by the Roman government, defying the decrees of the Empire to do the Lord’s work, no matter what it cost him, and ultimately, it cost him his life.

Valentine was arrested, dragged to a Roman court and threatened with his life if he did not renounce his Christian faith. Valentine, again boldly defiant in loyal service to the Lord, refused to abandon Jesus Christ. He was condemned, clubbed and beheaded, going to his eternal reward on February 14 in the year 269AD. He was buried in a roadside cemetery near modern-day Tivoli, where his body St Valentine Mosaicremained until 1836, when his bones were dug up and transferred to the White Friar Church in Dublin, Ireland by the Papal Decree of Pope Gregory XVI. Why? No one knows.

Because of his unwavering work for the poor, the persecuted and the young-and in-love, Saint Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of young people, engaged couples, apiarists and married couples. He is a patron against epilepsy, fainting and plague. Valentine is also the patron saint of Greetings Card Manufacturers, for understandable reasons.


You can acquire Entry Tickets for the RBLI Love You St Valentine’s Night Dine & Dance Party by visiting the RBL Stall at the Lambousa Saturday Market, by calling 0533 859 2451 or by visiting the RB Website click here events@rblkyrenia.com  It’s bound to be a popular Fun Night for Lovers, so you are urged to book early to make sure your Valentine is not left ‘wondering’.  

All proceeds will be donated to the RBL Poppy Fund which is entirely used to support injured British Service Personnel or their dependents in their time of need.”

The Royal British Legion: Shoulder to shoulder with those who Serve.

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  1. I think you would want to use this video on your article: It tells exactly how Valentine was captured by Claudius, and was executed, right after he wrote the eternally remembered ‘from your Valentine’ letter.

    Feel free to embed the video, it is using CC attribution.

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