January 31, 2023

By Margaret Sheard….

It won’t be too long before a year has passed since the Olive Press Flat Green Bowling opened its doors and we all know how time flies by and they will be celebrating their 1st birthday on Wednesday 24th April with a bowls competition – round robin 2 wood 4s and a party in the evening.

The Olive Press will be looking for 40 of their members to join them for their birthday bowls competition.  This is to be a fun event and from those registered 10 captains will be chosen and all other team members will then be drawn randomly from 3 pots reflecting the  individual ability of the bowlers.  Teams will be of 4 people in a round robin league system (4 games) and the winners of each group will then play a final match to see who will be crowned 1st Birthday champions!!   The matches will last for 7 ends and will start at 9am sharp on the day and if all runs smoothly should be finished by 4pm latest.

The Olive Press would like to thank Cape Wines (and in particular Jack Lobb) who have agreed to sponsor the bowls competition as part of the birthday celebration, so there will be some good wine for the winners!

The evening event will start at 8pm and Gavin Simons will be there playing a varied mixture of music from the 60’s to the present day, both classics and the less well-known and you can also choose your favourite songs.  There will be interval entertainment provided by members.

Tickets are available to members only from 7th February but after the 22nd February any remaining tickets will be available to everyone.

I went to the Olive Press recently and, having not visited before, I was very impressed with what I saw.  We had a nice lunch there and I promised I would go along (when the weather gets a bit better) and try my hand at bowls.   I did try many years ago on one occasion and my feeling at that time was that it was an older generation sport but of course it isn’t as there are many age groups enjoying this game around the world. I am now at a stage in life where this could be a new outdoor pursuit for me.

To read more about what Chris discovered when he previously visited the Olive Press, click here

If you would like to become a member of Olive Press Flat Green Bowling, 40TL will give you a 12-month membership and you will save 2TL on meals and 50 kuruș on all alcoholic drinks.  The Olive Press also offer a free 2-hour starter lesson for those who have not played before so if you have played bowls before or would like to start a new pastime why not go along and see what could become a new hobby and the opportunity to make new friends. 

3 thoughts on “Olive Press Flat Green Bowling – North Cyprus

  1. Hi ,
    My wife and I are holidaying next week at the Lapida hotel and wondered if you welcomed visitors. We are regular bowlers in Leamington Spa and just finding you on the map so close I thought I would ask.
    We will certainly pop in for a drink or two.

    1. I have sent your comment to the Olive Press and asked them to reply to you. I believe anyone is welcome to go and play bowls there though, so am sure you will be more than welcome.

      1. Thankyou Kyreniacatkin, have heard nothing from the club but many thanks for your help.

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