December 8, 2023

‘North Cyprus - a complete guide’ Schmidt & Worley, 1992

An Autumn visit to North Cyprus with friends in 1997

It is odd now, in 2012, to note that back in the 1990s there were few pages in guide books for the island of Cyprus that were dedicated to North Cyprus and those that there were could not be relied upon for accuracy. Thankfully, for those who diligently sought them out, there were a small number of specialist North Cyprus guide books available and we had three with us at the time of our first visit in 1994. We used these throughout the 90s and they were pretty reliable though by now some details in them are out-of-date.

They travelled everywhere in the TRNC rental car with us and became firm friends.

To view the photos please go to: 1997 holiday October & November

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