June 3, 2023

Cyprusscene on BRT Television

“A Cup of Conversation” to be aired on Saturday 15th September

By Margaret Sheard

A couple of years ago, the Anglo-Turkish Association organised a visit to the BRT studios in Lefkoşa and although at the last minute I was unable to go, my partner Chris went along and was very impressed at what he saw there.So we were both delighted when Can Gazi contacted Chris via Facebook to say how impressed he was with our new website www.cyprusscene.com and inviting us to join him for a television chat show.

We arranged to visit the studio on Friday 14th September to record the programme “A Cup of Conversation” to be aired on Saturday 15 September at 4.30pm on BRT2.   Chris had previously been involved in a television interview for another network but needless to say I was extremely nervous about appearing on “telly”.

Can appeared and welcomed us as soon as we arrived and took us into the recording studio where we had a coffee and chat before the actual recording took place.I must say Can completely put me at my ease so I began to relax and enjoy the experience.   I had been to a TV show many years ago and the studio was as I expected with cameras and cables all around, a backdrop for the programme and seating for the 3 of us.

Eventually we were ready to start and Can opened the programme saying he had come across the website through Facebook and how impressed he was with the content and appearance.He then proceeded to ask Chris to tell a little about himself followed by the same question to me.  Can was very interested in the reason for setting up the website and the various types of news and articles we were publishing on it.

We felt so proud that after only about 7 weeks our website has been acknowledged as being well worth visiting and we were being given the opportunity to talk about it on television.

When the recording was over, Can gave us a quick tour of the studios which incorporates BRT1 and BRT2.  I was pleased to have this opportunity, having missed the ATA visit previously, so this was an added bonus.  Can showed us the studio where the forthcoming KADS radio play had been produced.  There will be news shortly of the date on which this is to be aired.  The articles about the  recent KADS plays at the Girne Culture Centre Theatre can be seen on – KADS Dress Rehearsal and Last Night of the Plays 

There were so many studios, each with a person busily doing their respective broadcasts and we were able to go into one and meet Fatoş Baykal who gives broadcasts of the news in English on Bayrak Radio throughout the day.

Can was obviously a very busy man so we said our farewells and as it was around lunch-time we found the cafeteria where we had a nice meal before making our way home.

This was indeed a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to see the television programme on Saturday afternoon.

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