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Discovering North Cyprus 18/09/17, The Buyuk Han, Lefkosa

By Engin Dervişağa…….   By popular demand, I am delighted together with my colleague Qossay Eleyan to bring you a repeat showing of our interesting report on “Discovering North Cyprus” about the Buyuk Han (the Great Inn) which is the largest caravansarai (Kervansaray) in North Cyprus and was a roadside inn […]

North Nicosia Walking Tour with Turkish Cypriot Tuncer Bagiskan

By Chris Krzentz…….. This is my 2013 four hour walking tour documentary of North Nicosia, Cyprus with Turkish Cypriot Retired Archaeologist Tuncer Bagiskan. It features the Armenian Church and Monastery, the Arabahmet area and different Mosques, We then visited Zahra Street, The Venetian Column in Ataturk Square and nearby […]

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