Walking through North Nicosia, Cyprus, October 24th 2016

By Chris Krzentz……..

This video starts when I walk through the Kyrenia Gate into the old city of Nicosia and we walk down  Kyrenia Avenue the first ancient building we see on chris-krzentzthe left is the Whirling Dervish center and museum and after a short walk we also pass on the left hand side, the Dr Fazil Kucuk museum.

Soon we pass on the right hand side the old disused Nicosia Police station and then the fine Court Building before arriving in the square with the Venetian Column. From here we turn into Sarayonu Street to look at the grand Post Office before retracing our steps.

Continuing down Kyrenia Avenue we see the fine Vakiflar Foundation building on the right and then turn left down Irfan Bey Street past the ancient Grand Turkish Hamam on the right, we continue on turning right and left past ottoman style buildings and then we turn right again and go into the famous Buyuk Han to see its splendour and the many craft shops around the courtyard.

Leaving the Buyuk Han we turn right into the narrow Arasta Street and walk past many fascinating shops along with so many other tourists before reaching the end of our walk at the end of Arasta Street.

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