February 4, 2023

Little Archaeologists show their work

We have received the following news from Rezan Fahrioglu Yamaci, spokesperson for the   Cancer Research Foundation. As you will see there is to be an exhibition at the Büyük Han on Friday 17th May when the work of the children, which was undertaken as one of the events leading up to the 10th Orchid Walk, will be shown.

Do make time to come along to this “The Past is a guide for future” event and support those children who took part.

Meaningful Support for The Cancer Research Foundation from the Children of the 1st Park-Archeology Event 

Young Archaeologist candidates who joined the 1st Park-Archeology Children’s Activity in Karşıyaka and revealed their handwork will be exhibited on 17th May Friday at 19.00, with an opening at The Büyük Han in Lefkoşa.  The exhibition, where various surprises are awaiting the 1st Park-Archeology Children’s Activity participants, will be open to the public. The exhibition that is sponsored by Mardo, Aksoy Ltd, Rana Fahrioglu Ithalat Ihracaat Company and Iktisat Bank can be visited on 17th, 18th and 20th May during International Museum and Archaeology Week.

The Cancer Research Foundation, within the activities of the 10th Orchid Walk Program, this year for the first time organized the 1st Park- kids poster smlArcheology Children’s Activity that was held on 10th February. The purpose of this event, with a slogan of ‘The Past is a guide for the future’, was to improve our children’s awareness and sensitivity to their environment. Within the framework of this activity, the children who live far from soil and their past were given the chance to recognize their capabilities, improve their self confidence and show their ability to cooperate with their friends. As it is in archeology, they discovered that ‘Each hand completes the whole’.  24 children aged between 7-13 carried out a mini archaeological excavation and unearthed imitation archaeological findings with the support of the Red Crescent who established a tent under the guidance of archaeologists, art historians, teachers, and drama formatters. After that, the children were transferred to Kozanköy Elementary School to make drawings of  what they had experienced and felt during this activity.

Making this event even more meaningful, the drawings these children, who played, learned in nature, had a lot of fun and made new friends during a joyful day produced, will be sold for the benefit of Cancer Research Foundation. Each picture will be available for sale as a card at various events and venues. Cancer Research Foundation volunteers, who want  to convey the importance of a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle to the younger generations, announced that these kinds of worthy activities will be continued in the future for the young supporters of cancer research. 


Kids poster

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  1. everyone is welcome to the opening on friday and to view on the saturday and monday following. origional pictures and cards with the pictures of all 24 children will be on sale in aid of the foundation

    1. Thank you for your invitation to our readers Hatice ansd we wish you well with lots of visitors attending. If we can be with you, we will, if not do please send us some pictures which we will share with our readers.

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