September 30, 2023

GAYRETKÖY GSK take the match

By Richard Beale….

As dusk was falling over the Nıhat Bağcıer Stadium a twice-retaken penalty from ERHAN YEŞİLYAYLA in the penalty shootout finally saw the end to Bahçeli’s football season.

Results: BAHÇELİ SK 1 GAYRETKÖY GSK 1 (Gayretköy win 3-4 on penalties)

Saturday 22 July: Iktisatbank BTM League 2 Quarter Final.

The season is finally over for Bahçeli they battled hard and there was little to separate the teams, at full time it was 1-1, after extra time it was 1-1, both teams having ran out of gas, a penalty shootout was the only way to decide the match.

Both teams are to be congratulated on a boiling hot evening, where just watching you were drenched in sweat, playing well, I don’t know how they done it, some of these players would even have done a day’s work as well.

This has been Bahçeli’s best season for a number of years. Investment has been put into the Club, resulting in some good signings and they have done some cracking marketing.

Bahçeli fans turned up in their hundreds, many looking resplendent in their replica shirts outnumbering the Gayretköy supporters who made their way from their village near Güzelyurt.

Black Sea music filled the air as the vocal Bahçeli supporters eagerly awaited the start of this contest.

Ready for the off

However, it was the visitors who settled better, employing a 4-3-3 system with nippy front runners Bahçeli were pushed back in defence.

In the 15th minute, a left-wing cross to the far post went over Bahçeli missing defence to Hüseyin Akkurt on the far post but goalkeeper Tuğrul was out quickly to smother the ball.

Bahçeli immediately counter-attacked with their only chance of the half when an Osman cross from the right was narrowly headed wide by Mustafa Ercan.

Gayretköy continued to look dangerous on breakaways in the 26th minute Mehmet Ali cut inside and fired at the advancing Tuğrul.

35 minutes and the visitors took the lead Tarkan was allowed to cross the ball on the left-hand touchline to the far post where it was met by HÜSEYİN AKKURT. 0-1

The visitors continued to look like the better team, Edıp, and Aydın were struggling in midfield against their counterparts. With striker Samıt on the bench, sole forward Berk was getting no reward against two uncompromising central defenders who had a no-nonsense into touch approach.


Eventually, Bahçeli did bring on Samıt Soytürk to partner Berk upfront but it was the visitors who started the second half like they finished the first half.

Mustafa Ercan give Bahçeli some hope in the 55th minute sending in a left-footed shot that went just over the bar.

Bahçeli did equalise in the 61st minute following an Osman free kick from the right which was swept home at the near post by central defender EMRE KARADAŞ 1-1

25 EMRE KARADAŞ about to equalise. 1-1

This had the Bahçeli fans on their feet now as Gayretköy looked rattled as Aydın and Edıp were gradually getting the ascendancy in midfield.

The punishing heat was having an effect, especially to the visitors who were looking tired and ragged as Bahçeli saw their chance to snatch the game.

However, it didn’t happen as the 90 minutes were up on the clock and the game went into extra time.


EXTRA TIME: Like most extra times nothing happened, two very tired teams, cramp, injuries, and now the occasional handbags amongst the players but the biggest concern was the fading light, with no floodlight at the stadium. EXTRA TIME SCORE; 1-1


BAHÇELİ: Samıt (missed, saved), EDIP, SAMET KEŞKIN, Asıl Arıf (missed shot wide), UĞURCAN. = 3


Erhan’s first penalty in very poor light was saved by Tuğrul but he was alleged to be not on his goal line by the linesman, Erhan scored at the second attempt.

Heartbreak for the Bahçeli supporters and ecstasy for the Gayretköy fans who leapt over the fence to congratulate their team and particularly goalkeeper Halil.

Gayretköy win 3-4 on penalties.

In the other match fellow Group 8 team Serdarlı who we have been following won their match also on penalties 5-4 against Doğancı (1-1 after extra time)

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