October 1, 2023

Readers mail ….
From Ralph Kratzer (TFR The Foreign Residents in the TRNC).

Hello Readers,

With joy but also with a bit of envy I saw the report and the pictures of our Events Manager Pamela Tschersich regarding the recent TFR boat trip on the occasion of the aerobatic show on Peace and Freedom Day 2023.

This year Sarah and I couldn´t attend due to personal and health reasons, but I am sure the TFR members on the boat have enjoyed the event, even without me… LOL!

Pamela wrote:

“The 24hrs of stress of having to completely reorganise our TFR event of seeing the SOLO TURK AIR DISPLAY over GIRNE Harbour was well worth witnessing the magnificent display from this very skilled pilot… My visiting Norwegian neighbour, Susanne Taklo, who is an almost fully qualified pilot herself, said she was so jealous of the fun that our Turkish pilot was having.

We swam …some shot down the shute and not all of them youngsters I might add… some danced… drinks flowed… the food was late but I guess there will always be a hiccup when you have a full boat but for me, I was enjoying the stress-free evening with friends… ours being the only full boat I might add… sad times for these boat and restaurants that rely on this venue to make a living.

The journey home was a long one owing to the concert at the Peace and Freedom Monument but no moans from me the people of this beautiful island are very proud of their place in history… a yearly celebration which is enjoyed by local and expat residents alike.

Note to self… any repeated trip for this event will be started much earlier so the ‘freshly cooked on-site food’ can be  eaten before the display and back to Harbour to get in front of road closures… this was in my opinion the best way possible to witness this display from right overhead!!”

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