September 30, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott…

With Margaret Sheard and my dog Rusty passing away last year life has been a little lonely except for the pretty cat that turned up and keeps coming to the door and asking to come in for food and then she sits next to me on the sofa which is fine but perhaps she tells her friends about free meals as a few other cats turn up and if I don’t keep the door closed they sneak in as well.

The fact of life is there are lots of street cats and dogs looking for a home and a free meal so I thought I would try to help a little by sharing this post from Hope 4 Pets.

“We are extremely grateful to everyone who has donated and shared so thank you to each and every one and would everyone please continue to share and help with donations as we are currently way below out project target.

Thank you

We need all your help to provide a cat house for rescued cats/kittens, please.

Any donation little or large will as you know be extremely appreciated

We are almost 20% there but with the unstable Turkish TL, prices are rising by the minute for materials as is the case in shops, bars, and general living expenses in the TRNC as we all know.

We have 12,000 members and have not helped one of that headcount in one way or another when asked and now we need your help, please.

Even £1 will help us to achieve our goal and any hopeful denotations would be gratefully received on the below links with reference #emmacathome

Thank you again ”…


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