September 30, 2023

Première of the documentary ‘Nesrin Şen – Mother of Yeşilirmak’s Soil’ as one of the “41 Women – 41 Lives”, presented by KÖDER – Cyprus Women’s Stories Association

By Heidi Trautmann….

The past should not be forgotten is the important message along which KÖDER works and brings to the public attention the life work of women ‘who have added value to our lives’. KÖDER is very grateful to again have gained the support of KOOP Bank to be able to add another documentary film to their archive in order to keep the knowledge of the past alive for the younger generation. On 22 June 2023 I was invited by Şenay Ekingen, the President of the association to the première in the Conference Hall of the Directorate of KOOP Bank in Nicosia.

I have met the KÖDER board members before on the occasion of the launch of the first book of the series ‘41 Women – 41 Lives’. I had been very impressed and published my thoughts under this link 

KÖDER/Kıbrıs Kadın Öyküler Derneği – Cyprus Women’s Stories Association – is an association that was established on 23 November 2020 and formed its board of directors on 02 March 2021. Their aim is to build a bridge between the past and the future, to introduce our “Women Who Add Value to Our Lives” to the younger generations and to ensure that they embrace our identity values. The past should not be forgotten. They do this with books, documentaries and exhibitions that tell the life stories of women.

This month’s documentary is about Nesrin Şen, a woman who only recently, two months ago, died and left family and many friends, fans and colleagues and workers behind; she is affectionately called ‘Mother of the Yeşilirmak’s Soil’. She had been working the soil for 45 years, as one of the first and most important strawberry producers of the region. Her life and her vision were shown in the film, narrated by family members, friends and colleagues with scenes of her working life.

Present at the première were the General Manager of K.T. Cooperative Central Bank Kemal Ataman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of K.T., Cooperative Central Bank Ahmet Özorun, Deputy General Manager of Telsim Fevzi Tanpınar, the President of KÖDER Şenay Ekingen, and family members and a big crowd of local friends and fans of Nasrin Şen who had come by bus from Yeşilirmak. On stage we had the journalist Nezire Gurkan (centre), she did an interview with Deniz Solyali on her left, speaking for the 4 K Koop, Nesrin Şen was a founding member of, and with Dr. Nazım Beratlı, on her right, the son-in-law, making them talk about their memories. Fatma Cosar Kinis led through the programme of the evening. After the interview and opening speeches, the film was shown, which is a very emotional document and many could not hold back their tears.

The documentary will be shown to the public, to make them aware of the past and of a strong woman leading a life of work and responsibility and with love for her country.

After the film show, people stood together and they were offered strawberries freshly picked from the fields in Yeşilirmak, and…. they are truly the best.

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