September 30, 2023

As Girne Municipality, we are carrying out a planned fight against mosquitoes, which pose an important risk to public health, throughout all four seasons of the year. However, the increase in the breeding rates of mosquito larvae, especially with the warming of the weather during seasonal transitions, has led to the formation of the highest mosquito population for years experienced throughout the island this year due to delayed rainfalls and the delay in the seasonal weather cycle.

As Girne Municipality, in consultation with the relevant units of the central government’s Ministry of Health, we have established a control program for the Asian Tiger mosquito, which has been recognized as a new species for our island, and have been implementing it for some time now. The pesticides used by Girne Municipality, including this new species of mosquito, have been approved by the Ministry of Health and are applied with an environmentally and public health-conscious plan. The technical equipment used and the implementation team ensure a world-standard operation as a whole. In addition to the fight against mosquitoes, the control of rodents, cockroaches, houseflies, fleas, and ticks also continues uninterrupted throughout all seasons of the year within the program.

However, in order to reduce the intense population caused by seasonal warming and delayed rainfalls and to fully keep it under control, we urgently need your participation, dear citizens. Here are the measures you can take:

  • Empty the water accumulated in containers, plant saucers, gutters, and unused car tires in your garden.
  • Renew the water you put in bowls for stray animals within a maximum of 3 days.
  • Frequently change the water in decorative ponds or use fish that feed on larvae.
  • Empty unused swimming pools.
  • Replace broken manhole covers.
  • Close your open water reservoirs.
  • Repair deteriorated storage tanks.

In addition, to control general fly complaints:

  • Clean dry weeds in your garden.
  • Dispose of organic waste properly.
  • Regularly clean garbage containers and keep their lids closed.

By adding these small efforts to the planned combat carried out by the municipality teams, we will completely overcome Girne’s fly problem. We invite each and every one of you to collaborate with sensitivity for a healthy city.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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