September 22, 2023

Hello, my friends my name is Chris Elliott and I would like to welcome you to this latest video review of the British Residents Society Phase 2 lobbying campaign that was presented at their Annual General Meeting which was held at the MC Palace Hotel on Saturday 27th May 2023 and I apologise that in spending time preparing this very important video, I have not been able publish some other news and reviews through CyprusScene.

So this campaign is to press the UK Government to accept that they have been discriminating against British citizens and others living in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and to treat them fairly in the future.

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As we have been making these video reviews we looked back at our YouTube video channel and were surprised and delighted at the high level of plays many of them had received so we published a review article to help promote “Chris Elliott brings CyprusScene videos” channel on YouTube to grow our viewers and subscribers.

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