June 10, 2023

Taliya Hafiz “Donne- Moi” new song is a universe of sensuality, poetry, and romance.

It is a letter to the beloved filled with French poetry and soft piano melodies and sealed with sensuality and romance.

Feel it coming on the 19th May! The first single from the upcoming album “Desir”: Taliya Hafiz shares her newest chanson française with the listening hearts across the world.

“We were world travellers for one evening, one moment we believed to be in one of the charming ‘boites de nuit’ in Montparnasse, or in England, even in Japan, and was it in Tataristan for one or two songs?”

The release of “Donne-moi” on May, 19 is to follow the aesthetics of Taliya Hafiz’s debut album “SENSATIONS” and latest singles (“Prière pour la Paix”, Just Not You”) featuring the artist’s original lyrics, composition, performance and full production. Written in Taliya Hafiz’s universe of poetry, sensuality, and romance, “Donne-moi” is to give us a taste of her upcoming album “DESIR” in which a multilingual singer-songwriter based in Cyprus and Paris (France) will deliver us songs in 3 languages including English, French, and Japanese.

The single was created during Taliya’s stay in St. Mary’s College (Durham, UK) where she was not only writing her thesis in ethnomusicology but also her songs! It is in the solitude of her College’s “chambre vide” (empty room, Fr.) and with the confinement being in full swing that this romantic song was created. It was set to music, recorded, and fully produced by Taliya Hafiz a year later in her home music studio in Cyprus.

The artist’s unique songwriting, performance, and production work was given a final touch by the mixing and mastering engineer Raphael Thiery who has worked in Parisian “Omega” studio.

The song release on May, 19 thus marks 2 years of creative work connecting the UK, Cyprus, and France.

As in her previous works, Taliya Hafiz chooses to speak here in “the language of her heart” which is French. Recently signed to Paravitta Records (Cyprus / France) and prestigious Inouïe Distribution, Taliya Hafiz is to accompany her release with the official clip and lyric video.

“Donne-moi” once again sets Taliya Hafiz as a multi-talented artist willing to share deep feelings and poetic stories in her musical Universe of sensuality, lyricism, and romance through original songs and music. Having had several live concerts in Cyprus, she is to kick off with some international gigs: follow Taliya Hafiz on social media to know about her new music and next live concert:

Instagram & Facebook: @taliyahafiz Youtube: @TaliyaHafiz

Soundcloud: @TaliyaHafiz

“Delve into the Universe of sensuality and romance in 7 languages of love”; “Desire is the foundation of the Universe. All the living creatures were born out of desire.”; “English is the language of my mind, French is the language of my heart, while Tatar is the language of my DNA”. (Taliya Hafiz)

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