June 10, 2023

By Trevor Hughes….

Insurance Premiums

Claiming for car damage through your insurance provider is getting even more costly.

Car repairs are rocketing and set to rise even more! The increase means motorists face across-the-board increases for their car insurance and is applicable to every insurance company in the TRNC. This also includes those companies that offer premiums from sources outside of the TRNC.

Damaged car picture courtesy of Trevor Hughes

Insurance companies are facing the largest price increases in workforce wages, materials, and associated service costs, in history, and no doubt some insurance companies may face financial difficulties themselves.

Water Prices

The price of water supplied by Turkey to North Cyprus which is sold to municipalities by the State is rising from 2.3 TL to 7.5 TL per ton,

Lefke Municipality has announced that it will keep the water price stable for now, while the price of water set by Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) will increase from 6.5 TL to 18.30 TL per ton. All municipalities’ prices are varying throughout the TRNC. However, maybe I’m lucky living in Lapta/Karsiyaka, our increase amounts to only 20%.

Credit Cards

Be aware, some shops are charging up to 3% extra on your purchase bill. They will tell you that it’s because of the state of the economy and that they are having to do this and passing the Bank charges made to them, onto you, when in fact charges may only be 1.5%. (greed)

Bayram Holidays

For the month of April, Muslim people throughout the world will be celebrating Ramazan Bayram which is the equivalent to our Christmas Day.  The dates for the celebration are the 20th, 21st,22nd, and 23rd which are all in April. During this period all banks will be closed, Government offices, schools, and some retail shops!

Over this period, cash machines will be overly used and you may find it difficult to withdraw cash, so plan ahead.

UK Passports

Please be aware, the people issuing passport renewals in the UK are going on strike very soon for a period of 5 weeks. Have a glance at your passport to see when your passport needs renewing, keeping in mind that you may need your passport for residence renewals and applications.

However, the BBC news channel (4.4.23) has now reported, “if there is a national strike in the UK, it will not affect passport renewals!”

Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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