June 10, 2023

Paper Pencil as a symbol for the protection of environment….

By Heidi Trautmann….

The Cyprus Paper Art Association had been asked to hold a workshop at the 19 Mayis Türk Maarif College in Girne to show their students the making of paper pencils. It was perhaps due to the beginning of spring when the thought of environmental protection makes the front of our thoughts. Our members Roya Alagheband and Mustafa Öztunç followed the call and prepared the workshop together with the teacher Yağış Canova in the courtyard of the school.

It was a beautiful picture to see, when Ismet Tatar and I arrived in the middle of the workshop, how the many girls and boys were creating their own pencils using pages from old books, colourful magazines and other materials to create their own pencils. I went around to see in more detail how they were developing the outer appearance, and I saw them rolling the new raw pencils in paint, or gluing some attachments around them, or writing something on them.

Roya Alagheband and Mustafa Öztunç had at the beginning of the course been explaining what the general idea of paper making is and what one can do by recycling no longer useful paper into objects of art, thereby protecting nature, and specifically why to make one’s own paper pencils. The idea was developed by Roya Alagheband with the wish to create a symbol for the protection of nature, a symbol to demonstrate that trees must not fall for the sake of our pencils, to hold the graphite leads, they can just as well be covered by paper and to make use of waste paper such as newspaper, wrapping paper, napkins, old books and others.

For me, this project has a very positive aspect and I would like to lead the idea even further, I see the pencil as such as a symbol to admonish society, especially the young generation, to treasure the practice of writing and reading literature, to further the practice of handwriting and pencil drawing before our fingers forget how to use them except for typing messages into our telephones.

Ziya Tüzel, the headmaster of this beautiful school was visiting the workshop, he supports the idea of nature protection fully and he likes to have students involved in it and realize the idea.

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