March 23, 2023

Under the leadership of Girne Municipality, the aid campaign continues in the region. Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul in a statement emphasised that there is an urgent need for products such as durable food packages (canned food, legumes, oil, sugar, flour, etc.), cleaning products, children’s and adult clothes, and blankets. Şenkul stated that hundreds of earthquake victims came to Girne in the second week of the great disaster and hundreds of earthquake victims were reached in order to deliver aid. Şenkul underlined that in this context, the aid will continue locally. 

Aid refocused quake refugees here

In his statement on the subject, Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul informed that a total of 13 trucks and 1 aid lorry were sent to regions in Turkey under the leadership of Girne Municipality in the first week of the great disaster. Şenkul stated that the first week was very vital and that they, as Girne Municipality, continued their work in a very organized manner. 

Senkul noted that the families affected by the earthquake started to come to their relatives in our country, and at this point, a serious need for local help emerged. In this context, Şenkul stated that the aid efforts will continue here and that approximately 200 earthquake victims are supported daily and it is vital that the aid continues to reach Girne Municipality without slowing down in order to meet the demands of these people for help.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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