March 23, 2023

Girne Municipality Mayor Advisor, Mustafa İlgen, and Girne Municipality Police Department officials held a consultation meeting with Bellapais shopkeepers as part of the Village and Neighbourhood Assembly Meetings scheme. The problems faced by the tradesmen in particular and the people of Bellapais in general were discussed.  At the meeting the steps taken in the 10 days since the Village and Neighbourhood Assembly Meeting held in Bellapais on Friday, January 20, regarding the demands put forward, were discussed.

Further measures to be taken within the framework of mutual goodwill with the tradesmen were also discussed.  In the meeting, where it was informed that all the complaints raised at the Bellapais Village and Neighbourhood Assembly Meeting were reviewed, it was noted that the biggest problem, the lighting issue, was raised by 90 percent.

As of Monday, February 2, it was announced that a full-time police officer will be assigned to the region, and it was emphasized that this way, the region would be relieved in terms of both parking and security.  Again, with the aim of relieving the parking issue, which is one of the most important problems of the region, it was discussed at the meeting that a delivery time limit should be imposed on the companies supplying the shops in the region. At the tradesmen meeting, where a consensus was reached on this issue, consultation was also held to implement uniform signage and regulation practices for garbage bins in the region.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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