January 27, 2023

Paraya Hayir – No to Money – a Dramatic Comedy at the Nicosia Municipality Theatre….

By Heidi Trautmann…..

There is a right moment for everything, I thought when I sat with friends in my beloved theatre in Nicosia, for Osman Ateş and his team to have chosen this very play in times like this, times, when Money becomes a daily question mark. The play is in its second season and had got very good critics in the press and the public. Not only for the topic but also for its presentation – you could feel the fingerprint of Osman Ateş as director – and for the actors.

We saw young fresh theatre blood introduced with Kurtuluş Altaylı, Aysel Açelya Bükülmez and Fuat Zorali who unisono said in an interview with Murat Obenler, I read in YeniDüzen that they were honoured and excited to play together with a most experienced actress such as Özgür Oktay, a longtime member of the LBT family. I thought, I recognized them as being part of the play Juliet and Romeo I have been seeing some time ago, and which is on stage again, as part of the new theatre group Osman Ates has formed, students of him, yes, you can see that, you can see it in the mimicry and body language, in the absolute confidence they have gained through the guidance he has given them. I am happy to see them discovering and conquering the theatre stages, in a world where success depends on how well you have been taught the first steps.

The play itself, I must say it kept me awake that night with the question, of how would I have reacted. A man who has made the great coup in the lottery but has fears that accepting the money will change himself, his life, his family ….and he was right… While informing his family of his win and his decision to not collect the money, he starts a war….and confronted with the Pro and Contra arguments, the audience took most probably sides. In short, it was a mirror we were given to see ourselves and our inclinations, our education, our beliefs, and all of a sudden, we realized, we are like them, Money is what we are after, not Life as such, not Beauty, Love, but Success through Money.

Thank you for the ‘Mirror’…. And while we were on our way back to Girne, we were discussing what would we do with so much money, if we would win in lottery, we all had our say, my suggestion was one of a long-time vision, to have a Museum of Art and yes, a new home for the Theatre.

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